‘The Media Was Highly After Me When I Had A Hit Song But Now Its Difficult To Get An Interview’ – Kofi Jamar

Ghanaian singer, Kofi Jamar, has made a shocking revelation about his experience with the media in Ghana. In a recent interview on Cape Coast-based Property FM, the ‘Ekorso’ hitmaker disclosed that he is struggling to get interviews from the same media houses that once eagerly sought him out when he was at the height of his music career.

Kofi Jamar recalled how media outlets were clamoring for his attention when his song ‘Ekorso’ went viral, saying, “Every media house from left and right…we had to make time for all of them because they’re media houses and personalities we respect them a lot.” However, now that he doesn’t have a hit song like ‘Ekorso’ at the moment, he finds it challenging to secure interviews with the same media outlets.

The singer expressed his disappointment, stating, “This industry is known for the fact that when you’re coming as a new artist, we have experienced gatekeepers who warn you to be careful of the industry because if you don’t take care, they’ll use you and dump you.” Kofi Jamar’s experience highlights the harsh reality faced by many artists in the Ghanaian music industry, where media support can be fleeting and conditional.

Kofi Jamar’s candid revelation has sparked a conversation about the transient nature of media attention and the importance of building sustainable relationships in the industry. As a talented artist, Kofi Jamar deserves consistent support and recognition for his contributions to Ghanaian music. His story serves as a reminder for artists to be aware of the dynamics of the industry and to strive for longevity in their careers.

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