‘The Toughest Decision I Ever Made Was Leaving Effiakuma’ – Kofi Kinaata

Ghanaian Highlife sensation, Kofi Kinaata, has revealed that leaving his hometown of Effiakuma was the most challenging decision he has ever made. In a recent interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show, the multiple award-winning singer and songwriter shared that he was the area champion in the hood while growing up, but had to leave for Accra to start fresh.

“I was the area champion coming up with everybody hailing me in the bus, all of a sudden I have to leave to somewhere to start everything afresh,” he said, reflecting on the difficult transition. Kofi Kinaata moved to Odorkor, where he was signed unto the High Grade Family and began learning the intricacies of rap, love songs, and party songs.

When asked about his hit song “Effiakuma Brokenheart,” Kofi Kinaata revealed that it was a story, but not necessarily a personal one. He explained that sometimes his music comes through research, but mostly it’s inspired by his environment. “Sometimes the beat will inspire whatever you want to write, sometimes you have everything in your mind and want to talk about it through the beat,” he said.

Kofi Kinaata, born Martin King Arthur, grew up in Takoradi, Ghana, and started his music career as a rapper, releasing his first single “Hallelujah” in 2012. The song was a huge success, followed by other hit singles like “Things Fall Apart,” “Susuka,” and “Sweetie Pie.”

Kofi Kinaata’s story serves as a testament to the challenges faced by artists who leave their comfort zones to pursue their dreams. His success is a reminder that with hard work and determination, one can overcome even the toughest of decisions.

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