‘Love Is A Scam’ – DopeNation

Ghanaian musical duo DopeNation has sparked debate with their candid views on love and relationships, asserting that love is nothing but a scam. In an exclusive interview with media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, the ‘Zanku’ hitmakers expressed skepticism about the existence of genuine love.

Twins Micheal Boafo, popularly known as B2, and Tony Boafo, known as Twist, revealed that they currently do not find themselves in a situation of falling in love and perceive love as a subjective concept that exists only in one’s mind, dependent on belief.

The duo delved into the emotional complexities of love, highlighting the stark contrast between the euphoria of being in love and the profound heartbreak that often ensues. “Most people who are in love happen to be in a situation where it’s all in their heads. You feel happy about it but for that same momentum you have with feeling happy, you can feel very sad the day you’ll be heartbroken,” they explained.

Describing love as a facade, DopeNation emphasized that belief plays a pivotal role in its authenticity. They questioned the genuineness of love, suggesting that it may not be real unless one chooses to believe in it.

Acknowledging the investment required in relationships, the award-winning crooners emphasized the value of their time and the expectations they hold regarding commitment. They expressed reluctance to fully engage in the experience of falling in love at the moment, citing the demanding nature of relationships and their current priorities.

“Being committed to someone is expensive. Especially in this part of the world…My time would be expensive in a relationship. So the other party should know how to work with my time. To give in like 100% falling in love status at this moment will be difficult, and we are not in the falling in love situation,” they shared.

DopeNation, known for chart-topping hits like “Eish,” “Zanku,” “Confam,” and “Kpanla,” rose to prominence in the Ghanaian music scene with their infectious beats and dynamic performances. Their refreshing perspective on love challenges conventional notions, sparking conversations about the complexities of relationships in contemporary society.

As recipients of the Sound City MVP Group of the Year in Africa award in 2020, DopeNation continues to captivate audiences with their distinctive sound and thought-provoking insights. While their views on love may stir controversy, they offer a unique perspective on a topic that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

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