Gospel Musicians Also Need To Be Paid And Not Just ‘God Bless You’ – Obaapa Christy

Renowned Ghanaian gospel artist Obaapa Christy is championing the cause of fair compensation for gospel musicians, emphasizing the need to recognize the financial investments required for their performances. In a recent statement, she draws parallels between gospel and secular artists, highlighting the shared financial responsibilities and the necessity for a sustainable approach to gospel music.

Obaapa Christy passionately argues that gospel musicians should be compensated for their performances to cover the various expenses involved in music production and event management. She sheds light on the financial obligations, including studio fees and backup singers, stressing that relying solely on goodwill gestures like “God Bless You” is impractical and unsustainable.

“We pay bills and other expenses so yes, so we need to get paid for our services be it at a church or wherever. Studio fees, backup singers among others do not come free. We pay for them so how can we continue to fulfil our obligations if we offer our services for free?” she articulates.

The gospel artist underscores the importance of maintaining professionalism in the gospel music industry. By receiving fair compensation, musicians can uphold the quality of their craft, ensuring that they can cover production costs while delivering impactful performances. Obaapa Christy’s stance seeks to elevate the status of gospel music and foster an environment where artists are adequately rewarded for their dedication and talent.

Obaapa Christy recently unveiled her latest single, “Ebesesa,” on February 1st. Accompanied by a captivating music video shot by Skyweb in Ghana, the song carries a powerful message of hope and perseverance, especially relevant in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Translated as “it will change” in Akan, “Ebesesa” aims to uplift listeners, assuring them of God’s presence during challenging times. The song delivers a message of encouragement, offering solace to those facing adversity and inspiring a sense of faith in the midst of difficulties.

Obaapa Christy’s advocacy for fair compensation in the gospel music industry reflects a broader call for recognizing the financial realities faced by gospel artists. As she continues to contribute to the genre with impactful music, her stance serves as a catalyst for change, urging stakeholders to create an environment that supports the sustainability and professionalism of gospel music. The release of “Ebesesa” not only showcases Obaapa Christy’s musical prowess but also reinforces her commitment to spreading messages of hope and positivity through her craft.

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