It Will Cost A Billion Dollars For Me To Endorse Bawumia Or Mahamma – Kwame Yogot

Ghanaian music sensation Kwame Yogot, renowned for his hit track ‘Bibii Besi,’ has recently revealed the hefty price tag he associates with endorsing political figures for the upcoming 2024 elections. The artist, whose real name is Kenneth Kyeremateng, asserted that any political party vying for his endorsement, particularly the flag bearers of the two major parties, would need to shell out a staggering one billion dollars.

Yogot made this bold declaration during an interview on Cape Coast-based Property FM, shedding light on his approach to financial compensation for political endorsements. While acknowledging the significance of monetary compensation in such arrangements, he emphasized the importance of securing a substantial amount that could contribute to his long-term financial stability.

“Yeah, we all need money, but you can take a certain amount of money to endorse a political party, but that money will surely get finished,” expressed the Hiplife crooner. He continued, “How you want to build yourself, you have to make sure that you are building yourself properly. But if I’m to take money to endorse a political party, that will be a billion dollars.”

Yogot clarified that he is not willing to settle for a lesser amount, reasoning that a substantial fee ensures a lasting financial cushion, even if his career experiences a downturn after endorsing a political party. “I won’t take an amount like $100,000 because I will finish spending that money, so I’ll charge a huge amount that even if my career fades for endorsing a political party, I know I have some money somewhere to work with. So any political party who is ready for an endorsement from me must be prepared because they have a lot to pay for my services,” he asserted.

This announcement from Kwame Yogot has stirred discussions about the intersection of music, celebrity endorsements, and political campaigns in Ghana. While his steep asking price may be seen as unconventional, it reflects the artist’s strategic approach to financial planning and underscores the perceived value of his endorsement in the political landscape. As the 2024 elections draw closer, the dynamics of celebrity endorsements are likely to play a significant role in shaping the political narrative in Ghana.

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