“Bare With Me, I’m Working On The Album But I Need Time” – Sista Afia to fans

Ghanaian songstress Sista Afia has taken to Instagram to update her fans on the progress of her highly anticipated album. In a heartfelt Instagram story posted on Sunday, March 3, the singer urged her followers to “Bare with me. Working on the Album. Time is all I need.”

This announcement comes after Sista Afia had previously shared in early 2023 that her EP was nearly 50% complete. Despite the initial expectations, the release of the project did not materialize, leading to a sense of anticipation among her fanbase.

In her recent message, the talented artist acknowledged the eagerness of her fans and reassured them that she is diligently working on the upcoming album. The plea for patience indicates that Sista Afia is committed to delivering a project that lives up to the expectations of her audience.

Sista Afia’s musical journey has been marked by hits and a unique vocal prowess, earning her a significant following in the Ghanaian music scene. As she dedicates time to craft her upcoming album, fans can expect a body of work that reflects her growth and artistry.

While the exact release date remains unknown, Sista Afia’s plea for understanding and patience suggests that she is focused on creating a musical masterpiece. Fans eagerly await updates and snippets of what the songstress has in store for them as she diligently works on her upcoming album.

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