Afua Asantewaa Unveils the Cause Behind Deactivation of Her GWR Account, And Hence Why She Couldn’t Update Fans On Results

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum revealed that unauthorized team member activities led to the deactivation of her GWR account.

In an interview, she explained that unsuccessful applications for other singing attempts were the cause.

She appeared on United Showbiz to discuss her GWR attempt and other related matters, sparking reactions online.

Ghanaians reacted strongly to Guinness World Records (GWR) dismissing Afua Asantewaa Aduonum’s longest singing marathon attempt.

Several individuals expressed disappointment, suggesting that she should have informed the public about the outcome of her sing-a-thon, with some alleging that she withheld the result to capitalize on brand ambassadorial opportunities.

The entrepreneur clarified that she couldn’t share details about her GWR sing-a-thon outcome due to losing access to her account. Critics, however, questioned the validity of her statement.

In a conversation on United Showbiz, she emphasized that her GWR account was deactivated due to unauthorized activities by a team member. She revealed that this individual unsuccessfully applied for other GWR singing attempts using her account.

See video below;

According to Afua Asantewaa, this action was possible because several people on her team had login details to her account and this was because each individual performed a specific role with her account while she attempted breaking the current record and set a milestone.

She revealed that she uncovered the reason for her GWR account deactivation when the organization recently reactivated it. She learned that numerous applications for new sing-a-thon attempts had been canceled.

When Afua Asantewa was questioned on what reason GWR uttered her for her sing-a-thon disqualification, This was her response; “I’m still waiting for the reasons. It was one of the things I did once I regained access to the account. I told the GWR I was devastated by the disqualification and asked why the organisation dismissed my evidence.”

The video in which Afua Asantewaa details what led to the deactivation of her GWR account prompted diverse opinions.

Cwesi_d33d3w said: Toli oooo toli ! Toli.

Blesso_akpabla posted: U go explain taya .

Galpat_wan said: Nipa y3 cobra paaa o why do you have to do that to your fellow team while you know the consequences ah ah ah.

Tillydevon commented: Those who are saying she is lying probably don’t even own an email account to know it is possible.

Western_best_tennis_player posted: How can you tell me this story.

Nanadankwa posted: You did your best ❤.


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