‘We Have Received Petitions And We Will Make Our Response Public Soon’ – PRO Of Charterhouse, Robert Klah

For years, the Ghana Music Awards has stood as a beacon of excellence in the country’s music industry, shining a spotlight on the talents and achievements of artists across various genres. However, the 2024 edition of the awards has been mired in controversy and scrutiny, with petitions and concerns raised about the nominations process.

Robert Klah, the Public Relations Officer for Charterhouse, the organizers of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs), recently addressed these concerns in an exclusive interview on TV3’s Newday. He revealed that the board had received petitions from several artists regarding their nominations for the TGMA, and detailed information about these petitions was being reviewed.

“In response to these concerns, the board has completed reviewing the petitions from the various artists and will soon provide feedback to the public,” Klah stated during the interview. He emphasized that only petitions with merit would pass the scrutiny of the board, ensuring fairness and transparency in the awards process.

The controversy stemmed from the unveiling of the 2024 TGMA nominee list, which prompted concerns from artists like Amerado and Sista Afia, who felt that their songs deserved specific nominations. Following their lead, other artists also lodged petitions with the TGMA board, raising questions about the selection criteria and the validity of the nominations.

Klah further explained that while some petitions provided sufficient information and merit, others fell short, citing instances where artists attempted to use current streaming numbers beyond the cutoff date of December 31. He reaffirmed the board’s commitment to thorough review and transparency, promising that any necessary changes would be made based on merit.

Despite the controversy surrounding the nominations process, the TGMA board remains steadfast in its dedication to honoring excellence in Ghanaian music. As the feedback and deliberations continue, the music community eagerly awaits the board’s final decisions, hoping for a fair and equitable outcome that recognizes and celebrates the best talents in the industry.

The 2024 Telecel Ghana Music Awards promises to be a landmark event, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of Ghanaian music while reaffirming the country’s position as a hub for musical talent and creativity.

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