TGMA Board Addresses Errors & Omissions in Nominations By Updating Some Categories

In the wake of the recent unveiling of the 25th Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) nominations, the music community eagerly awaited the outcome of the one-week window for Errors & Omissions submissions. Following a comprehensive review process, the TGMA board has released a statement addressing the findings and making necessary adjustments to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the nominations list.

The board’s thorough evaluation confirmed that the majority of the nominations were accurate. However, in the spirit of transparency and integrity, the board identified a couple of discrepancies that required attention.

One such correction pertains to the collaborative submission of “Lonely Road” by O’Kenneth & Xlim Kid. Initially listed as a featured work, it has been clarified by the artists’ management that “Lonely Road” was a joint project rather than a feature. Consequently, the nomination has been updated to reflect ‘Lonely Road, by O’Kenneth and Xlim Kid’.

Another adjustment involves the song “Kwaku Ananse” by Amerado. Originally nominated in its remix version for the Best Highlife Song category, the board reconsidered and decided to nominate the original version of “Kwaku Ananse” in this category. Additionally, recognizing its popularity, the song has also been nominated in the Most Popular Song of the Year category.

The TGMA Board emphasized its unwavering commitment to fairness and transparency in the awards process. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of stakeholders in the music community, the board expressed gratitude for their active participation during the Errors & Omissions window.

With the 25th anniversary edition of the TGMA fast approaching, excitement continues to mount within the music industry. The board extended congratulations to all nominees for their remarkable achievements in 2023 and wished them the best of luck for the upcoming awards ceremony.

As anticipation builds for the prestigious event, the revisions to the nominations list reflect the board’s dedication to upholding the integrity of the TGMA and ensuring that deserving talents are duly recognized and celebrated.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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