Ruger Opens Up As He Parts Ways with Jonzing World Records

Nigerian musical sensation Ruger has made headlines with his recent departure from his record label, Jonzing World. In a candid statement shared on social media, Ruger expressed his gratitude for the platform that introduced him to the world but cited dissatisfaction with the label’s handling of his career as the primary reason for his exit.

“While I am appreciative of the opportunities Jonzing World provided me, I couldn’t continue with them,” Ruger explained. “They became complacent with the revenue generated from my music and failed to propel me further as I desired. Although renegotiating the contract was an option, I couldn’t fathom another five years without tangible progress.”

Ruger’s decision to part ways with Jonzing World stemmed from his frustration with the label’s alleged lack of transparency regarding financial matters. “They used my earnings to fund new artists while leaving me in the dark,” Ruger revealed. “Despite voicing my concerns and even receiving assurances to the contrary, nothing changed. I reached my breaking point.”

Despite the challenges he faced, Ruger expressed pride in his accomplishments and unwavering determination to succeed on his own terms. “Performing at major festivals, touring Europe and Canada again I’m proud of myself,” Ruger declared. “I refuse to downplay my achievements because these are opportunities Jonzing World failed to secure for me.”

Ruger’s departure from Jonzing World marks a significant turning point in his career, signaling his readiness to take full control of his destiny. While the decision may have been met with skepticism by some, Ruger remains steadfast in his resolve to forge ahead and carve out his own path in the music industry.

As Ruger embarks on this new chapter, fans can expect nothing short of excellence from the talented artist. With his sights set on even greater heights, Ruger’s departure from Jonzing World serves as a reminder of the importance of autonomy and self-advocacy in pursuing one’s dreams.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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