My ‘December’ song was inspired by a personal heartbreak experience – Gyakie

Ghanaian music sensation Gyakie has shed light on the personal journey that inspired her latest hit song, “December,” revealing that the emotional ballad was born out of a profound experience of heartbreak.

In an exclusive interview with TV3’s Berla Mundi and Naa Ashokor on the New Day show, Gyakie shared the intimate story behind the creation of “December.” The award-winning crooner disclosed that the song’s poignant lyrics and melody were crafted during a particularly challenging period in her love life.

According to Gyakie, the emotions she experienced after being let down by a ‘special someone’ served as the driving force behind “December.” She explained that the disappointment and heartbreak she endured compelled her to channel her feelings into music, using songwriting as a therapeutic outlet to cope with her emotions.

“It is fully broken heart. It’s actually one of the songs I wrote when I was in one of my sad moments, and I wrote it in Paris,” Gyakie revealed. “Every word in the song is literally direct.”

Reflecting on the personal significance of “December,” Gyakie emphasized the raw authenticity of the song’s lyrics, which convey the pain and vulnerability she felt during that tumultuous period in her life. She expressed her hope that listeners would connect with the song’s emotional depth and find solace in its relatable message.

Despite the heartache that inspired “December,” Gyakie’s resilience and artistic vision shine through in her latest single. Produced by Blaise Keys and Leroy Menace, “December” showcases Gyakie’s signature blend of soulful vocals and infectious melodies, captivating audiences with its heartfelt sincerity and introspective lyrics.

While “December” marks Gyakie’s first release of the year, the song was originally intended to debut during the festive season of the previous year. However, Gyakie decided to hold off on its release to allow her previous hit song, “Rent Free,” to fully resonate with audiences before unveiling another musical gem.

With “December,” Gyakie continues to solidify her position as one of Ghana’s most compelling musical talents, captivating audiences with her authenticity, vulnerability, and unwavering commitment to her craft. As fans eagerly embrace her latest offering, Gyakie’s heartfelt ballad serves as a poignant reminder of the power of music to heal, uplift, and inspire.

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