Okesse 1’s Manager FiifiMadeit Reportedly Dies

The music industry is saddened by the unexpected loss of Richard Fiifi Amoah, also known as Fiifi Made It, the respected manager behind the success of Ghanaian artist Okese 1.

Fiifi Made It, aged 35, passed away on Sunday, May 5, 2024, at the University of Ghana Medical Center after a brief illness. His active presence on social media just hours before his passing has added to the shock of his sudden departure. While the exact cause of death is yet to be disclosed, his untimely demise has left many in disbelief.

In a haunting final post on social media just three days ago, FiifiMadeit expressed frustration and concern about the UGMC (University of Ghana Medical Centre) pipie (pipeline) not flowing, urging someone to “please talk to them C.I.C. C.U.” This cryptic message has left many wondering if he was referencing a personal health issue or a broader systemic problem, and its brevity and urgency have only added to the shock and sadness of his sudden passing.

Fiifi, who tied the knot with his partner Wendy just a year ago, is being remembered fondly by friends, colleagues, and fans for his kindness, professionalism, and significant contributions to the music industry. Tributes and condolences are pouring in on social media as his loved ones grapple with this loss.


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