“Don’t Abandon Your Education For Fame” – Fancy Gadam Advises Young Artistes

Mujahid Ahmed Bello, is a renowned Ghanaian musician popular known as Fancy Gadam, celebrated for his chart-topping track “Yakachana,” recently underscored the pivotal role of education for aspiring artists.

During an interview with Sadik Cybha of Sagani TV’s North Arts, Fancy Gadam shared insights from his own journey, expressing remorse for neglecting education in favor of his music career.

Despite acknowledging his intelligence, he admitted to being obstinate during his schooling, a decision he now regrets. “It’s not that I lacked knowledge; my classmates can attest to that… I simply let stubbornness rule the day,” he lamented.

Fancy Gadam cautioned emerging artists against repeating his mistake, urging them to pursue education alongside their musical aspirations. He stressed the importance of education in attaining success in the music industry, emphasizing that fame should not overshadow the value of learning.

He said “If you’re an upcoming artist, don’t let fame deceive you because education is crucial,”

His advice echoes the significance of a balanced approach, advocating for artists to cultivate their talents while investing in their intellectual development.

By urging aspiring artists to prioritize education, Fancy Gadam aims to steer them toward sustainable achievement and personal fulfillment in both their artistic and academic endeavors.

This coming from an ‘OG’ in the Ghanaian music scene really means something.

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