Kweku Smoke Releases New Solo Album Dubbed ‘Kweku Jesus’

Paul Amankwa which most of you might not know him by is his real name.Kweku Smoke gained recognition with his “Yedin” hit song and since then had made waves with subsequent releases.

Kweku Smoke is characterized by his unique blend of traditional Ghanaian influences with modern hip-hop elements in his music.

Well, He’s out with a new album in this 2024, titled ’Kweku Jesus’. This album, consisting of 10 songs, is a showcase of Kweku Smoke’s incredible talent,prowess as a solo artist and his growth in music.

The album kicks off with “Jah Guide,” setting the tone for what’s to come with its introspective lyrics and infectious rhythm. From there, listeners are taken on a rollercoaster ride through tracks like “Young Boy,” “Merepa,” and “Nkorabonesem,” where Kweku Smoke delves into topics ranging from his come-up in the industry to the struggles he’s faced along the way.

One of the standout tracks, “Problems,” sees Kweku Smoke effortlessly navigating a melodic flow while addressing the challenges of life in the spotlight. “Agyekum” and “Find A Way” continue to showcase his storytelling abilities, painting vivid pictures with his words and drawing listeners in with every verse.

Despite being a solo endeavor, “Kweku Jesus” never feels lacking in diversity or energy. Each track brings something fresh to the table, whether it’s the anthemic vibe of “Me & Ma Neggas” or the introspective mood of “Online.” The album closes with “Nhyiraba,” leaving listeners with a sense of fulfillment and anticipation for what’s next from Kweku Smoke.

For now,Let us know your favorite song on the album with your comments.


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