‘Ghana’s Music Industry lacks Structures That Will Help In Rewarding Veteran Musicians’ – Wendy Shay

In a recent revelation, Wendy Shay, the celebrated Ghanaian Afrobeat singer, has highlighted a pressing concern within the country’s music landscape, the absence of sufficient structures to recognize and reward veteran musicians for their pivotal contributions.

Wendy Shay, known for hits like ‘African Money,’ has underscored the necessity of establishing a system that acknowledges the invaluable role played by seasoned artists in paving the way for the industry’s growth. According to her, the current state of Ghana’s music industry lacks the necessary structures to honor musicians who have significantly contributed to its development.

The Afrobeat sensation expressed her views during a discussion about her visit to K.K. Kabobo, a veteran musician currently battling liver disease. Wendy Shay, who recently donated cash to support K.K. Kabobo, lamented the absence of a robust support system for musicians who have dedicated their lives to the industry.

In an interview on TV3’s New Day on March 8, Wendy Shay shared her concerns, stating, “There was a little bit of heartbreak to see our legends go through these kinds of states because I feel there is no structure in the industry that is paying musicians who have paid their dues.”

The singer emphasized that if artists like K.K. Kabobo had enjoyed the benefits and opportunities available to the current generation of musicians, their situations might have been different. Wendy Shay acknowledged the significant impact of veteran musicians, pointing out that they had produced monster hit songs during their prime.

Wendy Shay’s call for a structural overhaul in the music industry echoes the need for a pragmatic resolution to ensure that veteran musicians receive the recognition and support they deserve.

The singer’s proactive contribution through her financial support to K.K. Kabobo underscores her commitment to addressing this critical issue within Ghana’s music landscape. As the industry evolves, the plea for structured support for veteran artists gains momentum, urging stakeholders to consider and implement measures that honor the contributions of those who laid the foundation for Ghana’s vibrant music scene.

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