I didn’t go for my BECE results because I knew I would fail – Obaapa Christy 

Ghanaian gospel sensation Obaapa Christy, whose soulful voice and inspirational tunes have earned her acclaim, recently shared a surprising revelation about her academic journey. In an exclusive interview with Roselyn Felli on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, the “Hyebre Sesafo” crooner disclosed that she deliberately skipped collecting her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) results after completing the exam.

Obaapa Christy candidly explained that she had a premonition that she wouldn’t pass all the subjects, leading her to make no effort to retrieve her results. “I wrote BECE, but I didn’t go for the results,” she revealed. When asked about whether she passed the exams, the gospel artist admitted, “I didn’t even go for it to see whether I passed or not because I foresaw that I wouldn’t pass.”

The talented singer clarified that her decision was not due to a lack of effort in studying but rather stemmed from a mindset she had developed, believing that she wasn’t academically strong. Despite disliking studies, Obaapa Christy found joy in activities like singing and praying, often taking the lead in praise and worship during school services.

Reflecting on her school days, Obaapa Christy expressed her disdain for dictation sessions and highlighted her preference for activities that involved her passion for singing and praying. She acknowledged that if she had dedicated herself to academics, she could have excelled due to her natural intelligence.

However, Obaapa Christy emphasized that she doesn’t regret her approach to education, asserting that while formal education is valuable, success is not solely dependent on academic achievements. She firmly believes in God’s grace and blessings as the ultimate source of success.

“My success is based on the grace of God that located me, and so I don’t joke with such grace,” she affirmed. Obaapa Christy’s journey serves as a testament to the diverse paths individuals can take towards success, and her unwavering faith in divine blessings is a cornerstone of her life’s philosophy.

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