I Decided To Pursue Higher Education to Honour my Late Father’s Wish – Amerado

Ghanaian Rapper Shares Insight into His Higher Education Journey

Amerado, the acclaimed Ghanaian rapper whose prowess with words has captivated audiences, recently revealed the heartfelt motivation behind his decision to pursue higher education. In an exclusive interview with Mzbel on Movement TV, Amerado disclosed that his quest for a degree is intricately tied to fulfilling his late father’s dream.

Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, known professionally as Amerado, explained that his father harbored a fervent desire to witness him attain the highest levels of education. The decision to return to school, therefore, is not only an avenue for personal enlightenment but a poignant tribute to his father’s aspiration of seeing him graduate.

“My father of blessed memory always wanted me to go to school to the highest levels, so I’m fulfilling his wish too,” Amerado shared during the interview.

Currently in his second year at the University of Ghana (Legon), studying Political Science and Philosophy, Amerado expressed a twofold purpose in pursuing higher education. In addition to honoring his father’s legacy, he acknowledged the desire to connect with a tertiary audience. Amerado recognizes that students constitute a significant portion of his fan base, and by being a part of their academic community, he aims to deepen the bond and garner their support.

“I am in level 200 at Legon where I study Political Science and Philosophy. I went there because I needed a tertiary audience. Apart from that, I am someone who wants to be enlightened,” Amerado emphasized.

Balancing the demands of academia and a thriving music career comes with its set of challenges, and Amerado expressed gratitude for the support of his team, enabling him to navigate these complexities. The rapper’s commitment to both aspects of his life showcases a dedication to personal growth, academic excellence, and an unwavering connection with his fans. As Amerado continues this dual journey, he carries with him not just the weight of academic responsibilities but the profound influence of a father’s dream.

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