Corruption Has Become A Part of The Ghana Music Industry – Reggie Rockstone

Legendary Rapper Highlights Streaming Manipulation and Economic Exploitation

Reggie Rockstone, a pioneer and icon in the Ghanaian music scene, has brought attention to the deep-seated corruption prevailing in the country’s music industry. In a candid discussion on Property FM, Rockstone revealed his concerns about musicians resorting to purchasing online streams to artificially boost their popularity.

Expressing his worry, Rockstone unveiled the existence of “streaming farms,” where artists allegedly manipulate streaming numbers to create a false sense of success. “The huge number of streams some musicians get are sometimes not genuine because they have streaming farms. The corruption that has infiltrated into music nowadays is a whole topic for another day that we need to discuss,” he stated.

The hiplife icon shed light on the intricate web of corruption, emphasizing the negative impact on authentic talent and the overall integrity of the music industry. Rockstone’s remarks underscore the need for transparency and ethical practices within the sector to ensure fair recognition and opportunities for deserving artists.

Moreover, Rockstone delved into the economic dynamics of digital streaming platforms, revealing a disparity in the distribution of revenue. He highlighted how creators and innovators of popular platforms, including Spotify, primarily benefit individuals from other parts of the world, leading to a scenario where “the white people are really enjoying our money out of the digital streaming platforms.”

This revelation points towards a larger issue of economic exploitation, where Ghanaian artists may not be reaping the full financial benefits of their creative endeavors. The industry luminary’s remarks prompt a crucial conversation about fair compensation, ethical conduct, and the overall health of Ghana’s music ecosystem.

As Reggie Rockstone addresses the complexities of corruption and economic disparities, the call for industry stakeholders, policymakers, and artists to collaborate in fostering a fair and transparent music environment becomes increasingly urgent. The focus should be on creating a system that elevates genuine talent, ensures ethical practices, and empowers Ghanaian artists to receive their rightful share of recognition and financial rewards.

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