Blakk Rasta Vows to Leave Ghana If NPP Wins Upcoming 2024 Elections

Controversial media personality and musician, Blakk Rasta, has made headlines with a bold declaration during a recent interview on TV3’s New Day show. The outspoken figure revealed his intention to leave Ghana if the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) secures victory in the upcoming elections.

Expressing deep concerns about issues such as corruption and what he perceives as slow progress in the country, Blakk Rasta emphasized the need for a change in leadership. During the interview, he stated, “There’s no way NPP will break the 8, if they do, I’m leaving this country. I’ve said it on so many platforms, and such a happening means that Ghanaians are numb to pain, numb to all these things, the clear corruption. If they break the eight, I am out.”

Blakk Rasta went on to highlight his serious commitment to this decision, suggesting that any place outside Ghana would be a preferable alternative if the current ruling party continues its governance. He believes that his departure would signify his disapproval of the prevailing circumstances and a lack of readiness for change among the Ghanaian people.

Using a metaphorical analogy, Blakk Rasta compared the situation to a child heading towards danger. He explained, “We have been working all this while to make the country grow, and if people will continue inflicting pain on themselves, it means they are not ready for change. Sometimes you have to sit and watch the child touch the fire. When it burns him/her, there will be a little more reasonable.”

Despite his influential role in the music and radio industry, Blakk Rasta remains unwavering in his belief that a new direction is essential for the country’s advancement. His bold stance has sparked discussions about the impact of political decisions on public figures and the broader narrative of political engagement in Ghana. As the elections draw near, Blakk Rasta’s declaration adds a unique perspective to the ongoing discourse surrounding the nation’s political landscape.

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