Black Sherif’s “Take Care of Yourself Blacko” EP Surpasses 25 Million Streams on Audiomack

Ghana’s emerging musical sensation, Black Sherif, has set a new milestone with his latest EP, “Take Care of Yourself Blacko,” as it surpasses an impressive 25 million streams on Audiomack. The two-track project, featuring the soulful tunes “YAYA” and “Simmer Down,” was released on August 10, 2023, and has garnered widespread acclaim for its introspective themes and emotional resonance.

Black Sherif, born Mohammed Ismail Sherif, hails from Konongo, Ghana, and at just 21 years old, he has quickly become a prominent figure in the country’s music scene. Inspired by his father, who was also a musician, Black Sherif gained widespread recognition in 2022 with the viral hit “Money,” earning him the affectionate moniker “The Villain” among his fan base.

The “Take Care of Yourself Blacko” EP showcases Black Sherif’s artistry at its best, delving into his personal struggles, resilience, and self-care mantra. The songs have struck a chord with audiences globally, commended for Black Sherif’s emotional delivery, relatable lyrics, and distinctive vocal style.

Having released previous successful singles like “Destiny,” “Ankonam,” and “The Villain I Never Was ,” album Black Sherif has consistently proven himself as one of Ghana’s most promising talents. Collaborating with artists such as Kwesi Arthur, Kofi Mole, and Yaw Tog, he has earned nominations at prestigious awards like the 3Music Awards, the Ghana Music Awards, and the MTV Africa Music Awards.

Beyond showcasing his musical prowess, “Take Care of Yourself Blacko” establishes Black Sherif as a versatile and visionary artist. The EP speaks to the challenges and aspirations of his generation, promoting themes of self-love and self-care. Black Sherif’s ability to transcend local boundaries and set new records underscores his global appeal, contributing to the elevation of Ghanaian music on the international stage.

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