Yes I Did It And Now Stonebwoy Has Done It So Congratulate Him – Shatta Wale To Fans On Bhim Festival 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Shatta Wale, the acclaimed dancehall artist, took to Facebook to extend heartfelt congratulations to his fellow artist Stonebwoy for successfully selling out the Accra Sports Stadium. The unexpected show of support was accompanied by a call for unity within the music industry and an appeal to fans to appreciate and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Shatta Wale, known for his dynamic and energetic performances, set aside any rivalry to acknowledge Stonebwoy’s accomplishment. In a Facebook post, he emphasized the need for a change in attitude towards supporting fellow artists, stressing that celebrating each other’s success is crucial for the collective growth of the music industry.

The post reads, “To say congrats to a fellow brother or sister won’t spoil anything. I am too focused now to deal in who did it first or last. If we can change our attitude of how we support each other in this music business, everyone will be happy.”

The message from Shatta Wale highlights a shift in perspective, urging fans to focus on the accomplishments of both artists rather than engaging in unnecessary rivalry. He acknowledged his own achievements and emphasized that Stonebwoy’s success should be a source of glory, not controversy.

Shatta Wale’s declaration, “Shatta movement I came here to teach love and not hate,” underscores his commitment to fostering a culture of mutual support within the music industry. Despite his reputation for bold and unapologetic statements, Shatta Wale’s recent post signals a desire for positive change and a united front in Ghanaian music.

The hashtag #ONGOD accompanied the post, suggesting a divine acknowledgment of both artists’ accomplishments. Shatta Wale concluded by urging his fan base, the Shatta Movement, to congratulate Stonebwoy, emphasizing that supporting each other is the only way the Ghanaian music industry can learn and grow.

This unexpected gesture from Shatta Wale serves as a reminder that celebrating success, rather than dwelling on competition, can contribute to a more vibrant and collaborative music scene. As both artists enjoy their moments in the spotlight, Shatta Wale’s call for unity echoes a sentiment that could reshape the dynamics of the Ghanaian music industry.

Shatta Wale’s post on Facebook
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