VGMA to be Temporarily Rebranded To Ghana Music Awards Due To Vodafone Name Change to Telecel

Charterhouse, the organizing body behind the prestigious ‘Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ (VGMAs), is undergoing a period of transition in sponsorship due to Vodafone’s recent shift to Telecel. In light of this change, the renowned awards ceremony will be temporarily referred to as the Ghana Music Awards until a new headline sponsor is officially announced.

In a recent interview, Robert Klah, Charterhouse’s Public Relations Officer, shed light on the ongoing transition. With Vodafone’s move to Telecel, the official sponsor for the event is still being finalized. During this period of transition, promotional materials and communications will prominently feature the name ‘Ghana Music Awards’ until a new sponsor is officially secured.

“We have an official sponsor just that there is a transitioning happening. So basically, we can only put flyers out there as ‘Ghana Music Awards’. We will announce the sponsor once everything is complete,” explained Mr. Klah.

As Charterhouse navigates this change in sponsorship, the call for nominations for the 2023/2024 music works has already commenced. The organizing team is actively seeking a new sponsor to continue the legacy of the music awards ceremony. Fans and industry enthusiasts can expect an official announcement revealing the new sponsor once the transition process is successfully completed.

This period marks an exciting chapter for the awards ceremony as it looks forward to a renewed partnership that will contribute to the continued celebration and recognition of excellence within the Ghanaian music industry. Stay tuned for updates on the evolving sponsorship landscape of the iconic music awards.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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