Trigmatic Calls for Proper Archival Facilities to Preserve Ghana’s Music Heritage

Ghanaian rap sensation, Trigmatic, has sounded the alarm on the urgent need for adequate archival storage facilities to safeguard the country’s music culture. In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, the acclaimed artiste emphasized the importance of preserving Ghana’s music heritage, warning that the lack of proper facilities poses a significant threat to the country’s cultural identity.

Trigmatic lamented the deplorable state of existing storage facilities in the capital, highlighting their poor conditions and lack of resources. He cautioned that without proper archival facilities, the valuable contributions of Ghana’s music legends risk being lost forever. “If care is not taken, we risk losing all the works of people who have toiled and done so much for our culture, vanishing into oblivion maybe in the next 10 or 20 years,” he warned.

The renowned artiste also expressed concern about the limited access to information on Ghana’s music heritage due to the absence of well-equipped facilities. He drew comparisons with other countries, noting the ease of accessing music records dating back to the 1950s and 60s in dedicated stores and libraries. Trigmatic called for greater accessibility to Ghana’s music history, emphasizing the importance of opening up this information to a wider audience.

He envisioned a future where music museums and libraries are established, allowing people to explore Ghana’s rich music history. Trigmatic believes that access to adequate archival facilities would inspire new generations of creatives, solidify Ghana’s position as a hub for African music and culture, and serve as a valuable resource for researchers, artistes, and students.

In conclusion, Trigmatic’s call to action echoes the need for policymakers and stakeholders to invest in preserving Ghana’s music heritage. By establishing proper archival facilities, we can safeguard our cultural identity and inspire future generations of creatives.

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