Top 10 Ghanaian Artists With The Most Spotify Monthly Listeners

In the vibrant realm of Ghanaian music, these artists have not only carved their names in the industry but also resonated with a global audience, as reflected in their impressive Spotify Monthly Listeners.

1. Amaarae – 5.67M Listeners
Amaarae leads the pack with her unique sound, captivating over 5.67 million listeners. Her music transcends boundaries, offering a sonic journey that resonates with fans worldwide.

2. King Promise – 3.21M Listeners
King Promise follows closely, boasting 3.21 million monthly listeners. His soulful tunes and heartfelt lyrics have established him as a favorite among music enthusiasts.

3. Black Sherif – 1.62M Listeners
Black Sherif’s distinctive style has garnered him 1.62 million monthly listeners. His impact on the music scene is undeniable, with fans drawn to his authentic and compelling storytelling.

4. KiDi – 1.3M Listeners
KiDi, with 1.3 million monthly listeners, brings his melodious voice to the forefront. His songs are a perfect blend of rhythm and emotion, resonating with a diverse audience.

5. Shatta Wale – 1.13M Listeners
Shatta Wale’s energetic tunes have amassed him 1.13 million monthly listeners. The dancehall sensation continues to make waves, keeping fans grooving to his infectious beats.

6. Juls – 978.1K Listeners
Juls, with 978.1 thousand monthly listeners, adds a touch of versatility to the list. As a producer and artist, his music reflects a rich tapestry of influences and creativity.

7. Camidoh – 967.6K Listeners
Camidoh’s soulful sound has earned him 967.6 thousand monthly listeners. His music delves into matters of the heart, striking a chord with listeners who appreciate heartfelt lyrics.

8. Gyakie – 935.2K Listeners
Gyakie’s enchanting voice has captured the ears of 935.2 thousand monthly listeners. Her soul-soothing tracks have made her a rising star in the Ghanaian music landscape.

9. Sarkodie – 911.6K Listeners
Sarkodie, a stalwart in the industry, commands the attention of 911.6 thousand monthly listeners. His rap prowess and impactful storytelling have solidified his position among the greats.

10. Fuse ODG – 902.2K Listeners
Fuse ODG rounds up the list with 902.2 thousand monthly listeners. His Afrobeat-infused sounds contribute to the rich tapestry of Ghanaian music celebrated on a global scale.

As we delve into the playlists of these remarkable artists, it’s evident that Ghana’s musical landscape is thriving, with each artist bringing a unique flavor to the global stage. These Spotify listener counts not only reflect their popularity but also highlight the diverse sounds that continue to shape the narrative of Ghanaian music.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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