Stonebwoy Is Not Responsible For Keeping The Grass Green, That’s Why He Payed The NSA For It – Sam George To Critics

Ghanaian lawmaker Sam George has stepped into the discourse surrounding the state of the pitch after Stonebwoy’s recent concert, challenging critics who question the condition of the venue. In a series of tweets, George expressed a nuanced perspective, delving into the responsibilities of the National Sports Authority (NSA) and shedding light on the complexities involved in hosting non-footballing events at sports arenas.

The controversy revolves around the aftermath of Stonebwoy’s concert, with concerns raised about the state of the pitch and its potential impact on future sporting events. George, however, dismisses these concerns as lacking depth and intelligence, emphasizing the impracticality of expecting grass rehabilitation immediately after a concert.

Drawing international parallels, George cites iconic stadiums like Wembley, Emirates, and Old Trafford, emphasizing that concerts are regularly held during the off-season at these venues. The crux of his argument lies in the responsible management of these facilities, suggesting that the NSA, under the Director-General’s leadership, failed to implement measures like pitch covers, a standard practice elsewhere.

George points out his interaction with the NSA Director-General during a parliamentary session, where he inquired about the use of pitch covers to protect the grass during non-football events. According to George, the Director-General affirmed the availability and usage of such covers, but their absence during Stonebwoy’s concert contradicts this statement.

The parliamentarian accuses the NSA Director-General of lying under oath, a serious allegation that raises questions about accountability and transparency within the sports management sector. George calls for a focus on holding the right individuals accountable, asserting that artists like Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale should not bear responsibility for the NSA’s lapses.

In a poignant declaration, George invokes international examples, emphasizing that renowned acts like Bono and U2 don’t face repercussions for the condition of the venue after their concerts, as long as they fulfill their financial obligations. The crux of his argument lies in directing anger and scrutiny towards those directly responsible for the maintenance of sports facilities.

As the controversy unfolds, Sam George pledges to address the matter further during the NSA Director-General’s next appearance before the Public Accounts Committee. The discourse initiated by the parliamentarian underscores the need for a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in hosting non-sporting events at sports venues and the subsequent responsibilities of sports management authorities.

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