South African Singer Tyla Surpasses Burna Boy to Become Second Most Streamed African Artist on Spotify

A South African singer recently made history by becoming the second most streamed African artist on Spotify after surpassing Nigerian singer, Burna Boy.

Incredibly, South African Singer Tyla has dethroned Nigeria’s Burna boy and currently sits as the second most popular African artist on Spotify. Tyla’s rise to limelight underscores how the Afrobeat is becoming globally popular.

Her journey has been followed by many and it is no wonder why Tyla rose to the top. Her sexy voice, catchy melodies, and fusion sensibility have won over listeners across the globe. As of a 26th October, 2023, the WATER track has attracted nearly a hundred million plays on Spotify, proving that she is a strong brand.

In the latest spotify music chart, African artists have maintained a stiff competition in the industry. Despite this, however, the most streamed African artist from Nigeria is the singer Rema at 34.3 M monthly listeners, then again from South Africa it is the rapper Tyla at 19.4M ones. Burna Boy’s position was the second, but he is now 18.9 million monthly listeners.

In fifth place, is Nigerian singer Tems with 15.1 million Monthly Listeners and Cameroonian singer Libianca, with 12.2 million Million Monthly listeners, respectively. The vitality and diversity in African musical composition is captured by these artists who come with various genre styles that entice listeners across the globe.

Tyla’s achievement clearly illustrates that talent combined with zealousness will never fail. Besides, people all over the world are beginning to appreciate African music. Through her success, artists in the continent, and globally understand the power of conviction and will.

Tyla on rise remains poised to take her music to newer levels of fame and cement her place as one of the leading voices of African songs worldwide.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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