Skyface SDW’s Taste (Tokoro) Hits 1 Million Streams on Audiomack

Ghanaian asakaa rap sensation, Skyface SDW, has achieved a significant milestone as his hit track “Taste (Tokoro)” crosses the impressive threshold of 1 million streams on Audiomack. Released on December 15, 2023, the track features notable asakaa artists O’Kenneth, Beeztrap KOTM, Kwaku DMC, Jay Bahd, and Reggie, showcasing the collective talent of the asakaa boys.

“Taste (Tokoro)” is a lively and infectious song that highlights the versatility and skill of the asakaa boys, renowned for their distinct drill music style, which has been making waves in the Ghanaian music scene. Produced by Lotus Beatz, the same mastermind behind other asakaa hits like Kwaku DMC’s “Barima” and City Boy’s “Abonten,” the track resonates with fans for its hard-hitting beats and street-oriented lyrics.

As a member of Some Day Winners (SDW Music) distributed by Tieme Music, Skyface SDW has been on a consistent streak, releasing notable songs, including an EP, in the latter part of 2023. His work has garnered widespread acclaim, with music enthusiasts and critics alike praising his lyrical prowess and delivery.

The success of “Taste (Tokoro)” underscores the increasing popularity and influence of asakaa music, often dubbed the Ghanaian equivalent of UK drill. Characterized by aggressive flows, hard-hitting beats, and lyrics reflecting the realities of Ghanaian youth, asakaa has not only captivated local audiences but has also gained international attention. Artists like Stormzy, Pop Smoke, and Drake have expressed admiration and support for the genre.

Skyface SDW and the asakaa boys are not slowing down, with promises of more releases in the pipeline. Their commitment extends to collaborations with artists, both local and foreign, aiming to broaden their fan base and showcase their talent globally. The achievement of 1 million streams for “Taste (Tokoro)” on Audiomack solidifies Skyface SDW and the asakaa boys as a formidable presence not only in the Ghanaian music industry but on the global stage. Their journey continues, promising more hits and further elevating the status of asakaa music.

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