Shatta Wale Cancelled The Wolverhamton Concert Without Our Concern

Bizzle Entertainment Responds to Public Announcement of Wolverhampton-Hangar Concert Cancellation by Shatta Movement Empire

Bizzle Entertainment, the organizer of the highly anticipated concert at Wolverhampton-Hangar featuring Shatta Wale, has responded to the recent public announcement of the event’s cancellation by the management of the Shatta Movement Empire.

In a statement released on its social, Bizzle Entertainment expressed shock and disappointment at the decision to cancel the concert without prior notice or communication. The statement also clarified that Bizzle Entertainment had met all requirements of its contract with the Shatta Movement Empire, including paying an initial 50% down payment.

Bizzle Entertainment described the cancellation as a breach of contract and is currently evaluating all possible options to amicably resolve the issue, including the potential rescheduling of the event or offering refunds to ticket holders.

The statement also reiterated Bizzle Entertainment’s commitment to professionalism, open communication, and delivering top-notch entertainment experiences to its audience. The company expressed hope that it could resolve the matter amicably with the Shatta Movement Empire in line with the terms of its agreement and continue to bring world-class entertainment to its community.

Ticket holders are advised to visit the Bizzle Entertainment website, social media handles or contact the company for further information and updates on the Wolverhampton-Hangar concert.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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