Sarkodie Releases A Black And White Themed Video For Chart Topping Single OTAN

Ghanaian rap star Sarkodie has released a new video for his hit single Otan, and it is nothing short of amazing. The video, directed by Gene Adu, features a black and white theme that matches the mood and message of the song.

Otan, which means “hatred” in Twi, is a song about Sarkodie’s struggle with demons and enemies who want to pull him down, and his faith in God and his mother’s blessings. The song is produced by Mogbeatz and.

The video for Otan is a perfect match for the song’s lyrics and message. The video portrays Sarkodie’s life and career, and how he deals with his enemies and obstacles. The video shows Sarkodie in various settings, such as a boxing ring, a studio, and a street. The video also could be described as Mohammed Ali themed concept.

The video uses a black and white filter that adds to the song’s mood and theme. The video has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, who have applauded Sarkodie’s artistry and skill.

Sarkodie has once again demonstrated that he is one of the greatest rappers in Africa and beyond. His video for Otan is a brilliant piece of art and music, and it portrays his journey and story, and his thankfulness and courage.

The video is a must-watch for anyone who loves good music and good visuals. Sarkodie is indeed the master of rap, and Otan is his masterpiece.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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