Rick Ross Hints At A Visit to Ghana Alongside Meek Mill’s Return

Rick Ross and Meek Mill, two prominent American rappers, graced the stage of The Morning Hustle, a popular American breakfast show. During the interview, these artists shared their profound appreciation for West Africa, particularly singling out Ghana

Amid the engaging conversation, Rick Ross unveiled his plans to visit Ghana, and he hinted at possibly doing so alongside Meek Mill on his return to the country. The reason behind this newfound fascination with Ghana stemmed from Meek Mill’s earlier visit to the nation, where he received a heartwarming welcome from its people.

Rick Ross was captivated by the memorable photos Meek Mill shared, featuring their interactions with the youth on the vibrant streets of Ghana. This captivating experience left Rick Ross eagerly anticipating his own visit to the country.

The revelation of Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s interest in visiting Ghana has ignited tremendous excitement and joy among Ghanaians. Many expressed their happiness and enthusiasm for the prospect of hosting these renowned American artists on their home soil. As one fan eagerly suggested, “@Rick Ross, try to visit the golden city, Obuasi, when you come to Ghana.”

Source: BenBlayNews.net



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