‘No Ghanaian Artist Has Ever Sponsored The Ghana Music Awards’ – George Quaye States

George Quaye, a well-known Ghanaian entertainment journalist and former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Charterhouse, has dismissed allegations made by Ghanaian gospel singer Jack Alolome, who claimed that certain artists have financially supported the Ghana Music Awards since its establishment.

From left,George Quaye & Jack Alolme

Jack Alolome, the ‘Tomorrow By This Time’ crooner caught up in a discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz show, Jack asserted that in order for a musician to secure a nomination at the Ghana Music Awards, they must have a connection with one of the board members to advocate for them.

He stated that on numerous occasions, gospel musicians have been overlooked for nominations and awards, regardless of the popularity of their songs during the reviewed year. Jack Alolome also shared an instance where he and his fellow gospel musician, Herty Borngreat, missed out on a nomination.

‘With the gospel musicians, when you release a song, no matter how it thrives, if you don’t have an insider, it will be difficult to get a nomination. It could be that gospel artists who got nominated had insiders. When I released ‘Tomorrow By This Time’, it was very popular, even to date. It was between myself and Herty Borngreat.

‘’The information I got was that the lady and her husband were sponsoring the event tour at the time. My producer lobbied but later, I was told we didn’t get it because they [Herty Borngreat and her people] were sponsoring them [GMA].”

George Quaye countered the assertions, asserting that no gospel musician has been overlooked during the nomination process. He adamantly denied any instance of artists sponsoring the awards scheme throughout its history. Responding to inquiries about lobbying for artists, George acknowledged the ongoing challenge faced by board members in addressing the issue.

“I want to clarify something, and I am saying this on authority. No artist has ever sponsored the Ghana Music Awards. So, Herty Borngreat and her husband’s claims are not true. I am challenging them to come out and confirm if they did that, ” he said.

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