‘My Next Big Event Will Be At The 20,000 Capacity 02 ARENA’ – Medikal States

Ghanaian artist Medikal has admitted that the Indigo O2 venue couldn’t accommodate all his London fans. The rapper plans to step up efforts to book the O2 Arena for their next UK event. Various social media users have shared thoughts on the video

The artiste who just chalked down a huge success in music career, disclosed that his brand as a top rapper is often underestimated. He mentioned that his debut concert venue in London was inadequate, leading to many fans being unable to enter due to the limited capacity of the Indigo O2.

Caught up in an exclusive interview with MzGee on the United Showbiz program, monitored by benblaynews.net, he revealed that the show started late because his fans didn’t show up on time.

He said “You see, a lot of people underestimate Medikal as a brand. Right now. I am talking about Medikal as a company. This is Samuel talking to you about the company. At the end of the day, the way we promoted this event, it was only right that people came up in their numbers. They ended up coming late and it may the show delay because here they work with work.We were supposed to end the show at 11.00. We would have paid more money if we exceeded the agreed time like 300000 pounds. I am a poor person and I don’t have that kind of money. I will get money only after the show. I wasn’t ready to breach the contract or agreement.

My fans didn’t come on time and I don’t blame them. Some people went to work and their off time didn’t favour the show.

All these have made to clear to me that the next time I will do something in London I will be a big venue. The venue was to small. The venue was too small for honest. I didn’t know it will happen like this. The next venue will be O2 Arena so that everyone will be able to come and have fun

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