‘My Former Label Deleted All My Songs From Online After We Split’ – A.Y Poyoo Alleges

Ghanaian artiste A.Y Poyoo has recently voiced his distress regarding the removal of all his music from online platforms following his split from his former record label.

In a video, Poyoo expressed his concerns over the detrimental impact this action has had on his career. He revealed, “My fans will notice over one year now, all my songs have been deleted from the online stores and that has really affected me.”

The removal of his music from online platforms has not only affected Poyoo’s visibility and reach but has also resulted in significant financial losses. Poyoo emphasized the financial repercussions, stating, “Imagine I’m earning $2,000 a month or $3,000 and all of a sudden you’re not earning anything because they’ve deleted your songs from online.”

Furthermore, Poyoo stressed the importance of fair treatment and transparency in the music industry. He highlighted the need for equitable distribution of royalties and earnings, even after parting ways with a record label. “If there is an issue, Poyoo you are going so we have to share percentage even if you’re gone, I have a percentage in the songs you have taken because we worked together,” he stated.

Poyoo’s concerns shed light on the challenges faced by artists in navigating contractual agreements and ensuring fair treatment in the industry. His experience serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding artists’ rights and ensuring transparency and accountability in record label partnerships.

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