My Collaboration With Beyoncé Was The Last Chance From God To Our Industry – Shatta Wale Expresses

Beloved Dancehall Artiste Reflects on Industry Challenges and Missed Opportunities

Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known as Shatta Wale, a celebrated figure in the Ghanaian music scene, recently shared his thoughts on the future of the country’s music industry. In an interview on 3Music Networks on Friday, February 16, 2024, the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker expressed concerns and highlighted what he believes to be a missed opportunity for the industry.

Shatta Wale asserted that his collaboration with global icon Beyoncé, particularly the song “Already,” was a pivotal moment and, in his opinion, the last chance given to Ghana’s music industry to succeed on an international scale. He emphasized the significance of such collaborations in elevating the country’s music presence globally.

Comparing the Nigerian and Ghanaian music industries, Shatta Wale drew attention to the treatment of major award winners, particularly the Artiste of the Year. He pointed out that some international awards fly their artistes of the year to destinations like Dubai, while Ghanaian awards have not offered similar perks.

“Let’s be frank here, there are awards that are being organized in other regions, and they are flying their artiste of the year to Dubai, and the Ghana music awards they can’t even dash,” he remarked, expressing his disappointment in the lack of comparable recognition.

The dancehall artiste went on to voice his concerns about the industry’s misplaced priorities, indicating that too much emphasis is placed on the wrong individuals. Shatta Wale believes that the industry’s failure to capitalize on the exposure provided by his collaboration with Beyoncé is indicative of a missed chance for Ghanaian music to thrive on the global stage.

“When people are talking about Nigeria, I don’t want them to continue because I feel like Ghana got their chance. Let me tell you the last chance God gave us; Shatta Wale featuring Beyonce. But you see, we, we want to watch the coat man, we want to watch,” he added.

Shatta Wale’s candid reflections shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by the Ghanaian music industry. As one of the nation’s prominent artists, his perspectives offer valuable insights into the dynamics that shape the industry’s trajectory. The interview has sparked conversations about the need for strategic planning, collaboration, and industry support to propel Ghanaian music to greater heights on the global scene.

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