Mohbad Didn’t Leave Any Will Behind – Management Tells Singer’s Father

The aftermath of Nigerian singer Mohbad’s untimely demise has been clouded by conflicting statements, with the latest controversy stemming from claims made by his father, Joseph Aloba. In a recent interview, Aloba expressed astonishment at the discovery of what he believed to be his son’s will, mentioning his surprise at the thumbprint used instead of a signature.

However, Mohbad’s management swiftly responded to these assertions, dismissing them as “false and misleading” in a statement shared on the late musician’s official Instagram page.

The statement, posted on Monday, January 15, 2024, vehemently denied the existence of any will or thumb-printed document communicated by the management or the artist’s lawyer to the family or the public. Notably, the management emphasized that had such a document existed, it would have undergone proper registration with the Probate Registry.

Additionally, the management shed light on the financial aspects, revealing that all accounts owned and controlled by Mohbad during his lifetime were placed under a Post No Debit order on September 12, 2023, which remains valid. This move indicates a proactive step taken to secure the deceased artist’s financial assets.

The conflicting narratives surrounding Mohbad’s alleged will highlight the challenges faced by grieving families in navigating posthumous matters, with the artist’s management urging the public to avoid spreading “false and misleading statements.” As the investigations and discussions unfold, the music industry mourns the loss of the ‘Feel Good’ hitmaker, emphasizing the need for clarity and respectful discourse in the wake of such tragic events.

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