Shatta Wale’s Absence From Uniland Music Festival,Here’s Why.

Shatta Wale, the sensational reggae dancehall star, finds himself at the center of attention yet again, but this time, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Scheduled to set the stage ablaze at the Uniland Festival held at La Palm Royal Beach on December 30, the renowned artist failed to make an appearance, leaving fans and organizers disappointed.

Amidst the uproar, Shatta Wale’s manager, Sammy Flex, took to social media to address the conspicuous absence. In a released statement, the reasons behind the artist’s no-show were attributed to what was deemed as the event’s lackluster planning.see post below;

The statement firmly asserted that Shatta Wale opted out due to the inadequate preparations surrounding the event. Additionally, it was disclosed that the cancellation stemmed from the artist not receiving the agreed-upon upfront payment.

This turn of events has ignited a heated debate within the music community, with supporters and critics voicing contrasting opinions on the matter. While some defend Shatta Wale’s decision, citing professionalism and financial agreements, others condemn the artist for letting down his eager audience.

As the controversy unfolds, the aftermath of Shatta Wale’s absence continues to spark discussions across various platforms, underscoring the significance of effective communication and meticulous planning in ensuring the success of any musical endeavor.

Stay tuned at for further updates on this unfolding saga and the potential implications it might have for the music scene and artist-event relationships.


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