Malcolm Nuna Announces His 2024 UK Media Tour

Ghanaian Sensation Malcolm Nuna to Showcase Talent in the United Kingdom

Malcolm Nuna, the rising star of Ghana’s music scene, is gearing up for an exciting international venture as he embarks on his UK Media Tour in February and March 2024. Presented by Mud Hauz, his management, and powered by Strawman Events and Dj Mensah, the tour promises to be a musical journey that transcends borders.

Malcolm Nuna has been making waves in the Ghanaian music industry with his unique style and infectious beats. The UK Media Tour represents a significant step in his career, providing an opportunity for the artist to showcase his talent on an international stage. The tour is expected to enhance his visibility and introduce his music to a diverse audience beyond Ghana’s borders.

Presented by Mud Hauz, a prominent force in artist management, and powered by Strawman Events and Dj Mensah, the UK Media Tour is strategically designed to connect Malcolm Nuna with UK-based media outlets, influencers, and music enthusiasts. The collaboration with Dj Mensah, a renowned DJ and event powerhouse, adds an extra layer of expertise to the venture.

As Malcolm Nuna prepares to bring his music to the UK audience, fans can anticipate a series of media engagements, performances, and interactions with key players in the music industry. The tour is not only an opportunity for the artist to showcase his existing catalog but also a platform to introduce new sounds and projects to an international audience.

Malcolm Nuna’s journey across the UK is a testament to the global appeal of Ghanaian music and the talent emerging from the vibrant music scene in the country. The collaboration between Mud Hauz, Strawman Events, and Dj Mensah underscores the collective effort to elevate the reach and impact of Malcolm Nuna’s music.

Fans and music enthusiasts in the United Kingdom can look forward to experiencing the vibrant energy and distinctive sounds of Malcolm Nuna as he takes center stage during his UK Media Tour. The tour is not only a milestone in the artist’s career but also a celebration of the diversity and richness of Ghanaian music on the global stage. Stay tuned for updates as Malcolm Nuna brings his musical prowess to the UK in a journey that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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