Make Music That Can Automatically Cross Boundaries – Nektunez

Cross genre African-American music record producer and sound engineer Noble Zogli Professionally known as Nektunes earlier today took to his socials to share a piece of advice with musical producers and artistes.

He came into the limelight in the last quarter of 2021 when his remix on the ERA ‘Ameno’ amapiano tune accrued huge figures. And Produced a lot of smash hits including Camidoh’s Sugarcane song

With his active presence in the music scene since 2008 till now, it is believed that he has garnered a lot of experience in the music business which makes his advice worth paying attention to.

Nektunes communicated the importance to produce good sounds as it will climb borders by itself.He also added that people choose what to listen to nowadays so it’s advisable to put out out there what sounds pleasing to the ear and it will get consumed before you know.

In the post Nektunes tweeted on X spotted by, he wrote; ‘‘Make music that can automatically cross boundaries.You won’t have to beg Dj’s,media and consumers to play your songs.We are no longer in that era where ppl control the media.Now ppl choose what they want to hear once it sounds good’.


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