KK Fosu Declares Unwavering Support for Cheddar’s ‘New Force’ Movement

Celebrated Ghanaian Highlife musician, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, popularly known as KK Fosu, has boldly announced his steadfast allegiance to Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar, and his ‘New Force’ Movement. The acclaimed singer’s declaration comes hot on the heels of the release of his latest song, ‘Back to Sender,’ which serves as a musical response to critics of Cheddar following a clash with the government over the cancellation of a rally at the Black Stars Square.

In a striking moment, KK Fosu, known for hits like ‘Odo Nti,’ removed his sunglasses to emphasize his sincerity as he expressed his support for the New Force Movement. “I am a New Force Movement member. I want my face to show while saying this clearly,” he affirmed during a public statement.

KK Fosu went on to highlight the ideological differences between the New Force Movement and the two major political parties in Ghana, the NPP and NDC. According to him, members of the New Force Movement are “freedom fighters,” driven by a commitment to the nation’s welfare, while he perceives individuals in traditional political parties as prioritizing personal interests over national well-being.

Explaining the inspiration behind his song, ‘Back to Sender,’ KK Fosu clarified that it serves as a direct response to those attempting to undermine the New Force Movement, particularly its leader, Cheddar. The song articulates his unwavering support for Cheddar and the movement, reinforcing the artist’s belief in their mission and principles.

Cheddar, known for his business ventures and social impact initiatives, has garnered attention for his involvement in both philanthropy and civic engagement. KK Fosu’s vocal endorsement adds a musical dimension to the dynamics surrounding the New Force Movement and showcases the intersection of art and political expression in Ghana’s cultural landscape.

As ‘Back to Sender’ gains traction, KK Fosu’s declaration of support for the New Force Movement further adds to the evolving narrative surrounding the movement and its role in shaping public discourse in the country. The synergy between music and political allegiance underscores the power of artistic expression in capturing the pulse of societal sentiments and aspirations.

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