Jaybahd Teases Upcoming Collaboration with Sarkodie, Seeks Fan Input on Cover Art

Ghanaian rap sensation Jaybahd has sent his fanbase into a frenzy with a tantalizing teaser of an upcoming collaboration with none other than the legendary Sarkodie.

In a strategic move, Jaybahd took to his Instagram space to share not one, but multiple fliers for the highly anticipated song, titled “Hate”. However, here’s the twist – he’s seeking his fans’ input on which cover art to use.

With a humble plea, Jaybahd confessed to being “confused” about which cover to choose, and is calling on his loyal fanbase to help him make the final decision. This clever move not only generates buzz around the upcoming collaboration but also engages his fans and makes them feel invested in the project.

The song, “Hate”, promises to be a thrilling combination of Jaybahd’s unique style and Sarkodie’s seasoned expertise. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release, and the cover art debate has only added to the excitement.

Stay tuned for more at benblaynews.net for updates, and get ready to experience the magic of Jaybahd and Sarkodie’s collaboration.


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