‘It’s A Big Opportunity to Work with Him’ – Okyeame Kwame as he Collaborates with Kofi Kinaata on New Song “Sika”

Ghanaian music icon Okyeame Kwame, also known as the Rap Dacta, has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, “Sika,” featuring the talented Kofi Kinaata. In an exclusive interview with thespectatoronline.com, Okyeame Kwame delved into the reasons behind choosing Kofi Kinaata for this collaboration, shedding light on the admiration and respect he holds for the rising star.

Okyeame Kwame revealed that his desire to collaborate with Kofi Kinaata stemmed from being a genuine fan of the young artist’s creativity. Having won the Songwriter of the Year twice, Okyeame Kwame acknowledged Kinaata’s unprecedented achievement of clinching the prestigious award three times. Intrigued by Kinaata’s lyrical prowess, Okyeame Kwame expressed a keen interest in tapping into the younger artist’s unique perspective.

“He is a great writer, ‘the boy get common sense period.’ Very intelligent, very smart, he has learned the trick and the trade,” Okyeame Kwame remarked, highlighting Kofi Kinaata’s exceptional talent.

The collaboration between Okyeame Kwame and Kofi Kinaata represents a meeting of musical minds, as both artists bring their distinct styles to the forefront. Okyeame Kwame sees this partnership as a significant opportunity to work with an artist he admires deeply.

Exploring the concept behind “Sika,” Okyeame Kwame shared that the song aims to inspire individuals to strive for a better future through hard work and perseverance. The track is a reflection of Okyeame Kwame’s journey from challenging times to triumphant moments, portraying his evolution from poverty to success.

“Sika” is not just a musical collaboration but a powerful narrative that resonates with the aspirations of many, encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. With Okyeame Kwame’s seasoned experience and Kofi Kinaata’s fresh perspective, “Sika” is poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the Ghanaian music scene.

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