I will sue lilwin for accusing me of using weed toffee – Mr Logic

Ghanaian artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Emmanuel Barnes, professionally known as Mr. Logic, has taken a firm stance against Kumawood actor Lilwin, announcing his intention to pursue legal action for defamation. The heated dispute stems from Lilwin’s public accusation that Mr. Logic used a “weed toffee,” sparking outrage and a vehement denial from the aggrieved industry figure.

Mr. Logic, renowned for his straightforward demeanor, addressed the allegations during an interview with Hit FM’s Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, stressing the potential damage to his reputation and professional standing. Accusations of substance abuse can be particularly detrimental in the entertainment industry, prompting Mr. Logic to assert his innocence and readiness to undergo testing to refute the claims.

The rift between the two personalities escalated following Mr. Logic’s questioning of Lilwin’s casting choices in his upcoming movie, ‘A Country Called Ghana.’ Expressing concerns about the inclusion of Nigerian actors in a film intended to showcase Ghanaian patriotism and culture, Mr. Logic emphasized the importance of prioritizing Ghanaian talent and stories.

While acknowledging the potential benefits of collaborating with Nigerian actors for international exposure, Mr. Logic underscored the need to uplift the Ghanaian movie industry by providing opportunities for local actors to shine. His critique of Lilwin’s casting decisions was met with disdain, leading to personal attacks and teasing from the actor.

Despite the verbal sparring, Mr. Logic remains resolute in his pursuit of justice, adamant that the defamation allegations must be addressed through legal means. The dispute highlights broader issues within the entertainment industry, including the importance of ethical conduct and the protection of individuals’ reputations from baseless accusations.

As the confrontation between Mr. Logic and Lilwin continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in navigating the Ghanaian entertainment landscape. Beyond personal vendettas, the incident underscores the need for professionalism, integrity, and respect within the industry, ensuring that disputes are resolved through proper channels rather than public spats.

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