“I Have Quit Smoking” – Kelvyn Boy Speaks Up

In a surprising turn of events, Ghanaian afrobeats artiste Kelvyn Boy has taken to social media to make a significant revelation – he has quit smoking. The artist, known for his chart-topping hits and charismatic persona, not only shared his personal decision but also challenged stereotypes surrounding smokers, urging his followers to discard preconceived notions.

Kelvyn Boy used his platform on X to address a common misconception that smokers are inherently dirty and rowdy individuals. He countered this stereotype by emphasizing that some of the wealthiest and cleanest people he knows are heavy smokers. In a tweet, he stated, “smokers are dirty and rowdy…maybe then but I know some of the richest and cleanest of humans who are heavy smokers Dead that thought today.”

The artist’s bold statement challenges societal judgments on individuals who smoke, aiming to break down stereotypes that often unfairly stigmatize certain groups. By highlighting that successful and clean individuals can also be smokers, Kelvyn Boy encourages a shift in perspective and promotes a more open-minded approach.

Furthermore, Kelvyn Boy shared a personal revelation about his own journey, acknowledging that he used to smoke but has since quit. This disclosure adds a layer of authenticity to his message, emphasizing that personal growth and positive changes are achievable.

In a subsequent cautionary note, the artist urged his followers against drug use, reinforcing the importance of making responsible choices. He reminded fans that even their favorite artists may engage in smoking but emphasized his decision to quit, serving as an inspiration for those looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Kelvyn Boy’s announcement not only sheds light on his personal transformation but also sparks a broader conversation about societal perceptions and the need for more understanding and acceptance. As fans applaud his decision and express support for his journey, Kelvyn Boy’s impact goes beyond music, influencing a positive shift in attitudes toward smokers and emphasizing the significance of personal choices.

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