How To Promote Your Music As An Independent Artist

Now music promotion have become a complicated issue for many independent artist as we are seeing many unsigned artists are racking their brains. Many talents in the music space simply don’t know where to start or how to maintain a successful music marketing campaign and make money from their music. Self-promotion is not a bad decision. You need to be strategic about where you focus your efforts.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s have a full insight on the best ways to promote your music as an independent artist in the modern music realm.

  1. Finding A Distributor

Finding a distributor should be the very first step to take in your marketing plans. These guys take your music directly to streaming platforms e.g Apple Music, Spotify etc. if you’re not using these services then you’re missing a whole lot. Many distributors have their unique selling points, you must do your research as an artist to know which works best for you. If you need someone to handle your music distribution needs, contact us.

  1. Create an electronic press kit (EPK)

Its a good idea to make sure you have a slick EPK as an artist. The EPK includes your background details, social media links, songs, pictures etc. We call it the resume/CV of an artiste and its very important just incase you’re reaching out or pitching your music to anyone in the industry (Music Promoter, A&R, Music Executive, Label Owners, Bloggers, Curator, Booking agents etc)

  1. Leverage on Social Media

There’s a reason why social media still exists. Platforms like instagram, twitter and facebook are very essential channels. As an artist you’re meant to make use of this advantage to promote yourself and music. You need to treat social media as a conversation. Respond to your followers’ comments and DMs, ask them questions, post engaging contents such as recording sessions, covers etc.

  1. Get playlisted

Playlists on streaming platforms have become another channel for people to consume music. Getting your music on popular playlists will help you get awareness. There are 2 types of playlists; Editorial: These are playlists compiled by in-house music tastemakers of the streaming platforms. They have large number of listeners. Curated Playlists: These are maintained by users who curates based on their interest and its easier to get on it.

5. Build a mailing list

Email newsletters are great for keeping your fans updated with your latest releases or merch. Just make sure that your emails are fun, personal, and not too long. Email marketing offers direct access to the inboxes of people most likely to engage with your music. You can send a direct message to their inbox about your latest release or upcoming tour and so on.

  1. Get blog coverages

If your music gets featured by on a music blog or magazine, this type of placements can help build hype and give you the credentials to take your music career up a level. It would also help you in building an artist SEO so whenever someone look ups your name on the web they can easily find piece of information about the you as an artist or your song.

  1. Build a good team

This is where many artist default in cause they always want to be the lone-wolf in doing everything. There’s huge benefit in surrounding yourself with people a great team of like-minded and well-connected people who are passionate and believe in your music. It can be hard but it would also increase your chance of pushing your music.

At some point, you will also need to acquire the services of professionals to help give you the edge in the competitive music market.

Ben Blay
Ben Blay
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