Full List Of Nominees For Emerging Music Awards 2023

As the Emerging Music Awards enters its fifth year, it reflects on the incredible journey it has undertaken in the music industry. The theme for this year, “Music: The Propeller of Culture,” encapsulates its mission to recognize and celebrate music’s profound impact on society.

It extends its heartfelt gratitude to the gatekeepers of the music industry who have been instrumental in its success. Docta Cann, a father figure to all emerging talents, provided opportunities and guidance to all.

In this 2023 edition, it has introduced two significant categories: DJ and Music Portal Categories. These categories recognize and celebrate the tireless efforts of DJs and Bloggers, who passionately promote emerging music in the industry.

Moreover, the international category has been elevated to new heights. This year, it has proudly nominated emerging musicians making waves not only in the local scene but on a global scale.

The pinnacle of the celebration, the Emerging Music Awards 2023 Awards Night, is slated for December 2023. The main date will be communicated to the public through the website and social media channels.

Last but not least, the team extends its heartfelt gratitude to its media partners for their unwavering support.

To all the nominees, it offers its sincere congratulations. Their talent and hard work deserve to be celebrated.


1          Georgina Osei

2          Fresh Joy        

3          Efya Gardiner 

4          Elizabeth Turkson       

5          Beatrice Quaye          

6          Selessie Brown           

7          Michael Magnus Mensah      

8          Gracee J          

9          Paul Wambantem      

10        KDM   

11        Hannah Donkor          

12        Sammy Young 

13        Mabel Kuadzi 

14        Nyamekyeame 



1          He has done it again                           FRESH JOY

2          Hye Me Animuonyam ELIZABETH TURKSON

3          Adom Wura                                         EFYA GARDENER

4          Fre No                                                  PRINCESS MARGARET

5          Speak to me                                        GEORGINA OSEI

6          Ma Cherie                                           LADY PJ

7          My story has Changed                         BRIGHT APPIAH_BANKY

8          Wonsem                                              ISAAC K DENTU

9          The Grace                                AWURABA ESI

10        Kameho Ende              PRINCESS TINA

11        Boosen                                    EDWARD SAAH

HIGH LIFE ARTIST OF THE YEAR                    

1          Hon. K Badu   

2          MB Stars         

3          Atramore        

4          Ebo kobina     

5          OFFICER BEKOE          

6          koo Kyei          

7          Blaq Mic         

8          Roy X Taylor  


HIGH LIFE SONG OF THE YEAR                      

1          Odo Pa                         Naja ft Strongman

2          Wodi Nipa akyi            Hon. K Badu

3          Yenda                          TMT

4          Feeling                         Ebo kobina

6          Masakra                     OFFICER BEKOE

7          Yeboli                          Koo Kyei

8          Banger                         Roy X Taylor                

HIP LIFE / HIP POP ARTIST                 

1          Fr3me Kwame

2          levelsX

3          Yaw Winna     

4          Phrings Icon   

5          Mega DTM     

6          Kwesi Jezi       

7          Jah Glory        

8          Its Hoover       

9          Marahny         

10        KWESI TAADI  

11        Khofy Guyson 

12        Singjay            

13        Yaw4fyda        

14        KOO KUSI        


HIP LIFE / HIP POP SONG OF THE YEAR                     


1          Go Get the Grr                                    MEGA DTM

2          Twedie                                                FR3ME KWAME FT WAGEZ

3          Sika Ye Moggya                                   YAW WINNA FT BRA ALEX

4          Ye Wo Krom                                        KOBBYNARRY

5          Addiction                                            JAH GLORY

6          Odo Ndwom                                       SINGJAY FT MZ KIKI

7          No where cool                                    KOO KUSI

8          Focus                                                   KWAME FERONZY FT OGADINDUOZO

9          Heart Break                                        TEE RHYME FT KWAME NUT

10        Save me                                              JEE KHID

11        Jah guide                                            KWESI TAADI

12        feelings & impressions                       BRA KOFFY

13        mankessim boys                                 IS HOMMIE

AFRO POP  ARTIST OF THE YEAR                    

1          Shatta Berry   

2          Lippsy J           

3          khubu 

4          Abbi Ima         

5          King Aboloway

6          Tee Cee Gh     

7          Yaw Dream     

8          Shatty Banks   

9          99 Phase         

10        Bhimer Axl      

11        Neffgee           

12        B Kailina         

13        Nextaa Starsinger       

14        Mz Kiki

AFRO POP SONG OF THE YEAR                      

1          Henny & Codeine                                MAGA DIM

2          This Year                                              SHATTA BERRY

3          Jonetta                                                TEE CEE GH

4          Gangster in Love                                 YAW DREAM

5          let me go                                             NIKEL PINK

6          This Year                                              NII GH

7          No Cheating.              SHATTY BANKS

8          Ohemaa                                              ITS HOOVER

9          Blow Mind                               DEWAN

10        lose Control                             MR. KHAY

11        katalina                                   FLMI BAWL

13        Lowkey                                    KHOFY GUYSON

14        Fire Fire                                   SUPA SHANK

15        Formula                                   KUAMI YUNG

16        Feel Okay                                 JOEVIN MERDERS

17        Goal Keeper                            AMA DRAGON


1          Elitan  

2          Jahwise           

3          Nan Beatz       

4          Leoin Bowy    

5          Qwaku Messiah          

6          Pinky Pecks     

7          Mula Palmer  

8          Omar Khalifina           

9          Bnyce  

10        Katalina          

11        Ama Dragon   

12        Skyranking      


1          A Friend Indeed                                   LEION BOWY

2          Badda dan Bad                                    QWAKU MESSIAH

3          Muntashi                                             JAHWISE

4          Champion lover                                   PINKY PECKS

5          I Lyk It                                                  MZ BROWN FT MULAR PALMER

6          Dancehall ah mad                               BNYCE

7          Backass                                                OMAR KHAFINA FT MULA PALMER

8          Cya Curse                                            KATALINA

9          Real Gun                                              AMA DRAGON

10        Money                                                 SKYRANKING


1          PINKY PECKS                            Cover me

2          DHANI ANTWI                         Hustle go pay

3          TEE CEE GH                              Jonetta

4          SAVIVA                                     Phoenix

5          BRIGHT APPIAH_BANKY          Story has change

6          HON K BADU                           Wodi Nipa akyi

7          Marahny                                  Dead or Alive “

8          RGM WONDER BOY                Obiaa

COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR                      

1          FRESH JOY FT. Min. ELVIS BENTIL                    He has done it again

2          YAW WINNA FT. BRA ALEX                              Sika Y3 Mogya

3          MABEL KUADZI FT SELINA BOATENG              Apke na Wo

4          ELIZABETH TURKSON FT. BRO SAMMY           Hye me Animuonyam

5          PINKY PECKS FT. LINGUA KAT                          Champion Lover

6          NAJA FT STRONGMAN                                    Odo Pa

7          YAW DREAM FT KWAME NUT                         Dede

9          MICHAEL MAGNUS MENSAH FT NACEE         Obeye Yie


1          SLIM SINGAH                           Cameroon

2          TOPZZY                                    Nigeria

3          KING Denise                            Liberia

4          LUNA LONZO                           Canada

5          ROSEY MUSIQ                         Usa

6          WHITNEE DEE                         Usa

7          DANZRYTE                               Uk

8          KOBBINICK                              Uk

9          TMAG                                      Nigeria

10        BASIL LARKAI                           Usa

11        REAL HKS AFRICA                    South Africa

12     JEMIL                                          Liberia

MUSIC PRODUCER OF THE YEAR                   

1          MIX MASTER JHAY                              Game Over

2          NIIMIX Hustle                                      go pay

3          MEL BLAKKK                                        Hosana

4          TEEBREAD BEATS                                Rastas Party

5          LIGHTS BEAT                                        Unconditional Love

6          KIDS BEAT                                            Gimme your Love

7          WYSE ADDY                                         Push

8          HALF C                                                 Ganja

9          EMMA KAY                                          Pressure

MUSIC VIDEO  OF THE YEAR              

1          DHANI ANTWI                                     Hustle go Pay

2          NII GH                                                  This Year

4          SHATTA BERRY                                    This Year

5          NIKEL PINK                                          Let me go

6          MICHAEL MAGUS FT NACEE               Obeye Yie

7          ELIZABETH TURKSON                          Hye Me Animuonyam

MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR                      

1          lovely                                       DIRECTOR CRAY

2          This Year                                 SIKAPA

3          Pressure                                   COBRA

4          This Year                                 CARLMANNI

5          Crazy in Love                           MISTA MORGAN

6          Obeye Yie                                 MCWILLIS

7          Hye Me Animuonyam            EDDY KAY                   

MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR                       

1          DHANI ANTWI                         Hustle go pay

2          NIKEL PINK                              Out of Love

3          ITS HOOVER                            Alhandulilah

4          TEE CEE GH                             Jonetta

5          RMG WONDER BOY                Obaa

6          ARATHE JAY                             My Baby

9          MEL BLAKK                              Diabetes

10    PYNNO BREEZE               Catching Feelings

FEMALE VOCALS OF THE YEAR                      

1          SALASSIE BROWN                   Thank You

2          PINKY PECKS                            Cover me

3          NAJA                                        Odo Pa

4          DARKIA                                    Echoke

5          VALIBA GALLEY                       Patience

6          LADY PJ                                    Luku Luku

7          EFYA GARDINER                      Adom Wura

8          TRISHA KAMARA                     Mama salone

9          BEATRICE QUAYE                    Ayeyi


1          AD ENTERTAINMENT RECORDS                      Dhani Antwi

2          REMEDI ENTERTAINMENT                              Michael Magnus Mensah/ Elizabeth Turkson

3          VERSATILE RECORDS                                       Row Marrow

4          QB RECORDS                                                   Rosey

5          KD MUSIC                                                        Efya Gardiner & Princess Tina

6          TEAM IMA                                                       Abbi Imma

7          GOLD LEGACY THREESIXTY                             Selessie Brown


ARTISTE OF THE YEAR                       

1          Naja    

2          Banzy Banero 

3          Jzyno   

4          Olive the boy  

5          Kwesi Amewugah       

6          Yhaw Hero      

7          Darkua

8          RMG Wonder Boy      

9          Lali X lola        

10        Michael Magnus Mensah


1          KUMIKASA.C0M         

2          WYSE PROMOTIONS  

3          TILLYLIVE. COM

4          PEXNWE. COM


6          24NEWSGH.COM       

7          NSEMFIE.COM


9          BULABAGH.COM        

10        zacknation.org

11        gh360songs.com

12        YonkoTv

MOST POPULAR SONG OF THE YEAR                       

1          BANZY BANERO                                  HOSANNA

2          OLIVE THE BOY                                    GOODSIN

5          NAJA                                                    ODO PA

6          KWESI AMEWUGA                              PREPARE

7          YHAW NERO                                        19 YEARS

8          KOBBY WEST                                       HUSTLER PRAYER

9          RGM WONDER BWOY                         OBIAA

10        YAW DREAM                                       GANGSTER IN LOVE                

DJ OF THE YEAR                     

1          DJ WILLIE JNR                                      Happy Fm

2          GALORE PK                                          Top Fm

3          DJ FOXX                                               Breeze Fm

4          DJ CHAKA                                            Power Fm

5          DJ ASTIFA                                             Tv Xyz/Pub

6          DJ NAT BUBU                           Kessben Fm

7          EDDIE RAY                               Kasapa Fm

8          DJ EXTRA                                 Atinka Fm

9          DJ PLETCH                               Okay Fm

10        KOJO HANSON                         Neatfm/Okay Fm

11        DJ TISCO                                  Gbc Uniiq Fm

12        DJ MONEY                               Pan African TV

13        DJ Aziz

14        Dj Amoanic-                            Kingdom Fm

15        Dj Nana Hene                          Extra Taste Restaurant and Pub

RAPPER OF THE YEAR             

1          koo kusi          

2          Kwesi Jezi –    

3          Yaw Winna –  

4          Fr3me Kwame           

5          Mega DTM

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