FREE THE YOUTH Features Kwesi Arthur On Their Debut Single “Who Dat Boy?”

Ghanaian fashion collective FREE THE YOUTH has been making waves in the streetwear scene, garnering attention from prestigious publications like VOGUE, The FADER, and NATIVE. Now, they’re expanding their creative repertoire with the release of their debut single, “WHO DAT BOY?”, marking their official entry into the music industry. Available on all digital platforms via LVRN Records/The Orchard, this debut track is poised to make a lasting impression.

Produced by Quantum, the 10-person collective hailing from Accra showcases their musical prowess by seamlessly blending afro sound with drill elements. Collaborating with Ghanaian sensation Kwesi Arthur, “WHO DAT BOY?” exudes energy and style, promising to be the anthem of choice for fashion enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

In a statement, FREE THE YOUTH expressed their vision for the track, stating, “We made Who Dat Boy with our boy Kwesi Arthur and it’s just one of those songs that we want the youth to rage to.” This sentiment underscores their commitment to creating art that resonates with and empowers the younger generation.

However, this venture into music is not merely an artistic pursuit for FREE THE YOUTH; it’s a continuation of their mission to inspire and uplift through cultural expression. By extending their “selling stories, selling hope” mantra into the realm of music, they aim to challenge societal norms and liberate young minds one beat at a time.

Founded in 2015, FREE THE YOUTH has emerged as a leading force in the African creative and streetwear scene. With an ethos centered around empowering African youth through art and street culture, the collective has cultivated a strong following both locally and internationally. Their distinct designs, annual limited edition releases, and high-profile collaborations have solidified their reputation as innovators in the industry.

As they embark on this new chapter in their creative journey, FREE THE YOUTH remains committed to pushing boundaries and amplifying the voices of the youth. With their unique blend of style, confidence, and cultural influence, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the music world and beyond.

Experience the electrifying debut single “WHO DAT BOY?” by FREE THE YOUTH, available now on all streaming platforms via LVRN Records/The Orchard. Join the movement and witness the evolution of a collective determined to set the world on fire, one beat at a time.

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