Flowking Stone Unveils Track-list For His New Album THE DECISION

Ghanaian rapper Flowking Stone has recently dropped the full tracklist for his much-anticipated 14 songs album titled “The Decision,” set to offer fans a diverse and captivating musical experience.

The tracklist is a compilation of collaborations and solo performances, showcasing Flowking Stone’s versatility as an artist. Let’s take a closer look at the album’s offerings:

1. Intro – The Decision ft Sevenkisz The album kicks off with a powerful intro featuring Sevenkisz, setting the tone for the musical journey ahead.

2. On GOD ft King Paluta, Andy Dosty Flowking Stone collaborates with King Paluta and Andy Dosty, delivering a track that combines impressive lyricism with dynamic beats.

3. Close ft Mr. Drew Teaming up with Mr. Drew, Flowking Stone explores themes of connection and intimacy in “Close.”

4. Tomorrow ft Mophty, Bellogod “Tomorrow” features Mophty and Bellogod, adding a unique blend of voices to the album and exploring the concept of the future.

5. Madona ft Kunta Kinte The collaboration with Kunta Kinte on “Madona” brings a distinct flavor to the album, with both artists contributing their signature styles.

6. Omo Beka ft Akwaboah Flowking Stone and Akwaboah join forces in “Omo Beka,” creating a melodious track that seamlessly combines rap and soulful vocals.

7. Aha The solo track “Aha” allows Flowking Stone to shine individually, showcasing his lyrical prowess and distinctive flow.

8. Corner Corner “Corner Corner” is a stand-alone piece that adds depth to the album, featuring compelling storytelling and rhythmic beats.

9. Opana ft Shatta Wale Collaborating with Shatta Wale on “Opana,” Flowking Stone brings together two powerhouse artists for an energetic and lively track.

10. Tundra “Tundra” offers a change of pace, highlighting Flowking Stone’s ability to navigate different musical styles within the hip-hop genre.

11. Dimple In “Dimple,” Flowking Stone explores themes of attraction and admiration, creating a track that is both catchy and introspective.

12. Lala ft Harry Songs Featuring Harry Songs, “Lala” introduces a fusion of Ghanaian and Nigerian musical influences, creating a cross-cultural musical experience.

13. Honey ft Prince Bright “Honey” sees Flowking Stone teaming up with Prince Bright, delivering a track that exudes positivity and feel-good vibes.

14. Happy Day The album concludes with “Happy Day,” leaving listeners on an upbeat note and showcasing Flowking Stone’s ability to craft music that resonates.

Producers: The album boasts a stellar lineup of producers, including Tubhani Muzik, Joe Coal, KC Beatz, Body Beatz, B2 Beats, EphraimBeats, 420 Drumz, Ivan Beatz, and King Dee. Each producer contributes to the album’s rich and diverse soundscape, creating a cohesive yet varied listening experience.

Mixed & Mastered: Joe Coal, Tubhani Muzik, and KC Beatz handle the mixing and mastering, ensuring that each track is polished to perfection.

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