Epixode Opens Up About Threats and Challenges Faced After ‘Wahala Dey’ Release

Award-winning Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Epixode, recently shed light on the challenges he encountered after releasing his hit track ‘Wahala Dey.’ In a candid interview with Amelley Djosu on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz, the versatile artist disclosed that he faced numerous threats and challenges, both verbally and physically, following the release of the provocative song.

‘Wahala Dey,’ which translates to “There’s Trouble” in English, tackles societal issues and challenges, making it a thought-provoking piece. Epixode revealed that threats came from various quarters, manifesting as phone calls and even physical attacks. The intensity of the responses led to instances where he had to abruptly end stage performances due to concerns for his safety.

The artist highlighted that he received calls and threats after dropping the song, with some individuals expressing discontent with the message conveyed in ‘Wahala Dey.’ These challenges prompted Epixode to keep a low profile for a while, not only for his own safety but also to protect his family.

In his own words, Epixode shared, “When we dropped ‘Wahala Dey,’ I was getting threats and phone calls. There were events that I’m on stage, and they are asking me to stop performing, so I had to lay low for a while. Because I may be the one in front, but the family may suffer for what I’m doing.”

Despite facing backlash and challenges, Epixode emphasized the importance of standing out and being different from other artists. He acknowledged the sacrifices made on this “lonely road” but also recognized that it brought him a unique respect and power.

The 2019 release of ‘Wahala Dey’ touched on various societal issues, including the state of Ghana’s economy, the sale of government contracts, celebrities living beyond their means, corruption, and the challenges faced by ordinary citizens. Epixode, the 2021 VGMA Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year, stood firm in his commitment to speaking truth to power, even if it meant making enemies and facing consequences such as lost deals.

Epixode’s revelations shed light on the complex dynamics artists navigate when addressing societal issues through their music. It underscores the challenges faced by those who choose to use their platform to speak out against social and political issues, emphasizing the need for artists to balance artistic expression with personal safety and well-being.

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