‘Don’t Return To This Country If You Get The Opportunity To See Greener Pastures Abroad’ –Captain Planet to Ghanaian youth

Ghanaian musician Captain Planet, known for his role in the popular 4×4 music group, has sounded a clarion call to young Ghanaians, urging them to seize any opportunity to leave the country for good. Citing pervasive despair among the youth, he questions the logic of returning to a nation grappling with alarming levels of joblessness.

In an interview with Empire FM, Captain Planet expressed skepticism about the touted job creation efforts in the country. Despite official claims of significant job opportunities, he remarked, “What are they coming back to do? What better thing is in this country? Nothing. All the boys are complaining that they don’t have jobs but every day we have someone claiming to have created over 120,000 jobs. So where are all those jobs?”

The musician highlighted the stark reality faced by many young Ghanaians, emphasizing the disparity between promises of employment and the on-the-ground situation. His remarks reflect the frustration of a generation grappling with limited economic prospects despite government assertions.

Captain Planet did not limit his concerns to employment issues; he also voiced apprehensions about the nation’s deficient healthcare system. The musician condemned the taxation of medicine, even in dire circumstances such as illness. “Even when you get money and go to the hospital when you are sick, you are being taxed on the medicine, so in that case, even the dying is being taxed,” he asserted.

His remarks shed light on the broader challenges faced by citizens in accessing quality healthcare, with the additional burden of taxation adding to the hardships. Captain Planet’s advocacy for emigration serves as a stark commentary on the prevailing conditions in Ghana, urging the youth to explore opportunities beyond the nation’s borders.

As the call for change reverberates through Captain Planet’s words, his message underscores the urgency for systemic improvements in job creation, healthcare, and overall quality of life within Ghana. The musician’s bold stance resonates with the sentiments of many young Ghanaians, sparking conversations about the need for tangible solutions to address the prevailing issues affecting the nation’s youth.

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