Diss? Sarkodie’s Lyrics on Jay Bahd’s “Hate” Spark Online Debate

Rapper Sarkodie’s latest verse on Jay Bahd’s song “Hate” has sparked an online debate, with many fans interpreting his lyrics as a jab at fellow rapper Shatta Wale.

In the song, Sarkodie raps about being the “king” of Ghanaian rap and warns his opponents saying he is not the same with them since some people are after fame but he is after money and wealth. On one particular line of his verse he said “due to insults and envy, your face has aged like an old man, how would people respect you?”. Many fans believe that Sarkodie is referring to Shatta Wale, who had made a comment about Sarkodie’s new discovery ‘Safo Newman’ earlier.

The online debate has been heating up, with some fans defending Sarkodie’s lyrics as a form of expression, while others believe that he is promoting hate speech. Some have also pointed out that the rap culture is known for its competitive nature and that Sarkodie’s lyrics are just a form of lyrical expression.

The debate has raised questions about the limits of lyrical expression and whether rappers should be allowed to express themselves freely, without fear of backlash.

Check out the song below

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